Zombies ruined my day

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This is the story of how the best day of your life can become a nightmare full of zombies. Survive in a hostile environment using all sorts of weapons. Defend your position with barricades, blow up groups of zombies with grenades, swept the area away with a Gatling and more! All in a fully action packed game with colorful backgrounds and fearsome monsters. Show us that you're more than a snack for zombies!


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Otakudante - A love story complicated by an undead infestation
[...] Everything from the unique graphics, cute characters, and bloody gameplay made this game really stand out from most of the XBLIG titles out there (in a Very Good Way). [...] If you're a gamer, and love zombie games then I definitely think this game is a must have! [Read full review]


WeTheGamerz - ...tons of fun and fast paced action for hours
Visually, Zombies Ruined My Day is spectacular for an Indie game, and to me, is reminiscent of a more polished Invader Zim cartoon. [...] Gameplay is the biggest stand out in this awesome title. [More]


EMGN - ...bringing more zombies, guns and FUN! (Rating 8/10)
For 80 Microsoft points, this game is a bargain. [...] If you want a game where you can kill zombies, challenge yourself and have fun then you can't go wrong this game. [Read full review]


Videogames Source - ...a good looking game quite frankly.
The artstyle, music and fortification gameplay really stood out. [...] The gameplay was fun, I really enjoyed plugging away at zombies and turning the screen blood red. [Read full review]


ExtraGuy - Definitely give this game a look.
Zombies Ruined My Day is a zombie game I actually enjoy. What keeps this game fresh is that a bit of strategy has to be employed. Definitely give this game a look. [Read full article]


XBLAFans - Score: Buy It
Zombies Ruined My Day is a very fun puzzle/shooting game that will appeal to a wide variety of gamers. Figuring out how to survive the endless waves of enemies is very rewarding. But blowing away zombies with a shotgun still feels visceral and fun too (...) This game is easy to recommend to anyone. [Read full review]


Kotaku - Our Xbox Live Indie Favorites
The graphic style is bright but still gory and the gameplay is changed up enough with the occasional boss fight to make this not your typical indie zombie murder simulator. [Read full article]


The VideoGamerRob Blog - This game will get you addicted as much as a zombie towards brains.
In addition, you'll find that the game's simplicity may not only get you acquainted quickly to its gameplay but also get you addicted as much as a zombie would towards brains. Perphaps this title will make a zombie out of you! (...) Zombies may ruin your day, but in terms of entertaiment, this particular game won't ruin your appetite for more. [Read full review]